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Thank you to our community partners and Swarthmore College resources for supporting this initiative and providing valuable insights into the development of this database. Special acknowledgements to Leslie Leach, Professor Megan Heckert, Professor Lee Smithey, and student researchers past and present.

Local community resources

Delaware County United for Sensible Gun Policy

“a group of concerned residents in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, intent on achieving safe communities by preventing gun violence”

Women of Strength United For Change

“an organization of families honoring the memory of loved ones who lost their lives senseless violence. We vow to seek justice for our sons, daughters, grandmothers, husbands, cousins and friends as we work toward a common goal to end violence and prevent the further loss of life”

The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting

Led by longtime journalist Jim MacMillan, “the Center will improve reporting on community gun violence by collaborating with journalists and local organizations to raise voices from neighborhoods and broaden the range of expert sources quoted in stories – de-emphasizing the predominant law enforcement narrative.”

Cradle 2 Grave Program

“In response to the increased number of homicides involving young people, Temple University Hospital has created a highly interactive, two-hour experience that confronts participants with the realities of youth violence on a personal level”

Heeding God’s Call

“A faith-based movement to prevent gun violence”

Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility at Swarthmore College

“Connecting curriculum, campus, and community through engaged scholarship and collaborative action ”

Chester Housing Authority

“Our mission is to provide quality, safe, and affordable housing for low and moderate-income households in a discrimination-free environment. In doing so, we strive to integrate CHA residents and developments into the neighboring communities and to serve as a catalyst for revitalization and development for participant families in the city of Chester, Pennsylvania”

Chester Made

“an initiative to help recognize and promote arts and culture in the City of Chester and to harness its power as a force for community revitalization”

College Access Center of Delaware County

“The CACDC provides free college preparation services to high school students and adults, with plans to expand services to middle school students in the near future. Services range from college and career awareness, study skills development, tutoring, mentoring, and assisting high school seniors and their parents with the college financial aid process.”


If your organization in Delaware County is interested in further information about the database, please fill out this survey.